Finding Home: Conscious Embodied Relocation Services

South Yuba River, Bridgeport State Park, N. California

“I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.”

~ John O’Donohue

So, you have decided you will find a new home. Perhaps there have been some mental nudges, changes in your present location that don’t align with thriving, or an intuitive sense that it is time to move on down the yellow brick road to a new location.

There are many reasons for relocation. Right now climate change is forcing many to take a serious look at what they are willing to put up with and adapt to…or in some cases are forced into by a disaster, whether it be wildfires/drought, hurricanes, flooding, tornados or earthquakes. 

There are millions of humans the world over who do not have the luxury of a consciously chosen relocation but are often forced out of their homes, cities, countries by situations out of their control. 

If you are reading this then you probably don’t fit into such a group.  For these services are for those who are being drawn to move to another location out of choice, whatever the reason(s).

One morning in the Spring of 2016 I woke up with these words written in the air before me “Grass Valley/Nevada City”.  They simply appeared out of thin air so to speak.

Though I had for the past year off and on been questioning whether to move back to Northern California from my then 5-year home of Austin, Texas to be closer to my sons, grandchildren and brother, it had not been something consciously in my recent thinking.

All that was to change as my 6th leap into the conscious embodied relocation landscape took hold and directed me what to do next. (for more details see Improvisational Dance With Life Unfolding)

The first leap back in 1988 took place from my then 40 year residence of San Diego where I was born, raised, married twice and gave birth to 3 boys.  All I knew at the time was that I was guided to leave the big city and seek out something smaller and more community based for my youngest son who’s father had died just a year before.

For me it was the Bay area of California in Santa Rosa.  How that particular place evolved is part of this very grounded embodied process that continues to surprise and delight me with it’s elegant unfolding.

After 16 years in the Sonoma county area my youngest son was launched and the yearning to explore other areas and ways of living hit with an insistent yearning.

 Six months at the Himalayan Institute in NE Pennsylvania; 3 years in Middlebury, Vermont; 4 years in Corvallis, Oregon; 5 years in Austin, Texas….and then a return in 2016 to California, this time to Grass Valley in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Now in 2021 I have relocated again across the country to a location away from wildfires, heat, rolling black outs and high monthly living expenses towards a more elemental earth and water home sanctuary that aligns with this stage of my life.  I now call the Blue Ridge Mountain area of N. Carolina home.  This 7th relocation was a huge leap. Not only had I never been to N. Carolina before but I was undertaking this adventure later in life.


Blue Ridge Mountains, N. Carolina

I was not consciously aware of the principles involved in this type of embodied leave taking when I took that first leap, but over the next couple of decades the fine tuning became more apparent.

This is what I would like to share with you in the e-book:  Finding Home: Pathways to Conscious Embodied Relocation.

“Conscious Embodied” – with awareness of, and grounding into, all 5 senses + the 6th sense which is intuition – the sense of knowing something without previous knowledge of it .

“Relocation”: Traveling from one location to another with an intent to stay there for a period of time.

Some keys to doing these leaps from my experience are:

  • Explicitly trusting the unfolding of life – get out of your own way
  • Taking effective action one step at a time on the possibilities that show up from that depth of surrender
  • Willingness to reinvent yourself (which is actually a great deal of creative fun!)
  • A sense of adventure (being willing to get out of your “comfort zones”)
  • Listening deeply to intuition and Source guidance
  • Connecting transparently with others along the way.
  • Willingness to change your inner & outer conversations

If you have questions or need guidance with your own upcoming leap into home base relocation from anywhere in the world I am available for phone, Zoom, Skype or in person guidance as a service. The initial 30-minute introductory and connection call is offered free of charge. Please go to the CONTACT form below.

Conscious Embodied Relocation Guidance may include the following as well as address your own unique needs/concerns:

  • Selecting location/timing
  • Trusting the guidance you are receiving – what is most important to you at this time.
  • Deeper levels of trust in unfolding possibilities, opportunities, synchronicity and taking effective action
  • Being in relationship with fear, doubt and resistance
  • Taking one step at a timeattention and intention
  • Identity – emphasis on who you are becoming
  • Nitty gritty practical details
  • Challenges and transformations
  • Navigating new terrain


The journey we are taking together is one of ongoing and deepening trust.  This is also inclusive of trust in the regenerative flow of economic resources.  Given this the conscious embodied relocation services/guidance are offered through the economic energy exchange of gifting. 

This means that at our first session I will provide you with a PayPal link (you do not need to have an account with PayPal) to gift for the session we just had, as well as for any future sessions you may choose to have with me.

Value gifting is an exchange of resources based on your own intuitive knowing of the support and guidance you received. It is an opportunity for both of us to let go of numbers based on the mainstream narratives value system and simply gift an amount that feels in alignment with the exchange between us.I am aware that for some, this will take you into a tailspin and you will want to know some sort of an expected range of remuneration for a session. However, “gifting” is an important part of entering into the wilderness of the journey you are presently on, intimately trusting your intuition and inner guidance. 

If you have concerns or questions about this method of payment, please feel free to contact me.  I am grateful that you have chosen me for conscious embodied relocation guidance! In Gratitude & Appreciation

We limit life going only for the imaginable – we need to be open for surprise.

~ Brother David Steindl-Rast

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