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A primary purpose of WildlyFreeElder is to bring us together in global community, shift and expand the way elders are perceived in our cultures, and be sparked and inspired by each other in our mutual eldership. Illuminating our own unique depth and artistry we carry within us, while opening up possibilities and opportunities for collaboration and enrichment.

“Elderhood is a communal function born of social, ancestral and ecological relationships. For initiation into elderhood the culture must hold a place for the initiate to land. “
Charles Eisenstein

If you have a business, art, service or cause this is an opportunity to showcase that by being one of the spotlights, but that is not a prerequisite for becoming a spotlight nor a main purpose. The story of your becoming into elderhood is of more importance.

Being Spotlighted does not obligate you to anything.  You simply agree to represent the power, essence and innate challenges of the elder years of life in its many and varied forms, expressions and artistry.  Remembering that being an “elder” is a state of being not an age, and that everyone can “elder” the generation that comes after.

You will become part of a growing community who engage in evolving dialogue, inspire and support each others elder activism and artistry, and hold a space for mutual learning, discoveries and collaboration, in addition to cross generational dialogue. You will also be invited to optional monthly global Wildly Free Elder Zoom calls facilitated by one of Our Elders.

Your privacy will of course be safe guarded and we will only post any contact information that you agree to.  Your Spotlight could simply be a story telling of how you see and experience this time of life and how it varies from the mainstream cultural narrative beyond the identities of your past.

If you would like to join our Spotlight community please consider the following questions in your submission and submit below at Contact Us. You do not need to answer all questions. They only serve as a guide.

We also gratefully accept Guest Blog Posts if in alignment with the purpose of WildlyFreeElder.


Your Name:

Website (if you have one):

Email Address or Contact Information (Please let us know if you wish to keep this private):

  • Tell us about yourself and your artistry at this time of your life. Include where you live and how that impacts your perception of aging.
  • Type of business, creative contribution (art, music, writing etc) or focus/service/cause/storytelling.
  • What are you discovering and passionate about as you age?
  • What meaning, substance and context does the word “elder” have for you?


The first step in joining our Spotlight community is to set up a Zoom, phone or Skype conversation to provide a space for questions you may have, and for us to meet you after we have received the preliminary email expressing your interest in joining the community.

When there is a mutual acceptance of moving forward with an “Elder Spotlight” on the WildlyFreeElder website we will request a recent image of you, preferably in the context of how you see and create life as an elder. Another image to place at the top of your page, and either a written submission or agreement to schedule a Zoom interview for your page.

Thank you for your submission!  We will review the information you have given to us and get back to you as soon as possible.  We reserve the right of Spotlight selection for the WildlyFreeElder website as well as acceptance of Guest Blog Posts. Interviews via Zoom can also be done if writing isn’t your thing!

With Gratitude,

Gaye Abbott

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