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Our Wildly Free Elder community is continually exploring the many facets of life, not only in the aging process, but from curiosity, transparency, vulnerability and celebration. This page is devoted to the writing that emerges from our every day, moment to moment experience of embodied life, as well as what is stirred through our connection with each other – the “WE” space.

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Image: Julie Ann Wylie along Cape Flattery Trail, Makah Indian Reservation, Washington; photographer Wayne Wylie

Throughout years of seeking I’ve quite naturally embodied the interpretive & educational qualities of the Hierophant. Translating useful principles, methods and wisdom of others has been a necessary step for my own application and self-study. Passing along both process and outcome to querents along the way fulfills an inner drive to inspire self-healing.

I didn’t see this coming, in fact I wasn’t even sure I had it in me. Never before, best as I recall, have my own words, my unique thoughts, my inherent wisdom poured forth so bountifully.

It started innocently enough with a ‘YES’ to participate in a training for Poetry as a Tool for Wellness. The six hour course brilliantly fosters empathetic facilitators by introducing their curriculum experientially.

On the last day of training, two poems were introduced. I listened closely as they were read and as peers shared what these writings had evoked in them. Next, our trainer gave us 8-10 minutes to write about our impressions and I was ready to go! Thoughts were forming into words and words into sentences as she continued her instructions. Sensationally present within my body, I could hardly wait to get pen to paper as the head waters of this prose poured out …

Dare to share, to create, to open …
Dare I? Dare you NOT?
It’s daring darling that has landed you HERE, NOW.
Daring to start.
Daring to stop.
Daring to show up.
Daring to walk away.
Daring to say YES, oh, and NO.
Daring to care
It’s daring darling that has split the seams in the nightmares of your dreams.
It’s daring darling that keeps you returning to your pillow, almost giddy with wonder about what might be revealed this sleep.
It’s daring darling that drives you to the doors of vulnerability and daring darling that blows those doors open as you exhale or simply lifts your hand to the knob.
Dare darlin’ dare.

poeticmedicine.org julieannwylie.com

WHAT DO I VALUE MOST? This was the question posed to our small Wildly Free Elder group in a 3-session Zoom exploration with Andy Kidd in a focus on “What Does Your Life Stand For?” The immediate response that arose from within me was the title of this free form poem. A path of wholeness I have explored as an embodied female for my entire life.


To live real and wild and wanton
Offering myself up to the world and to myself
In an improvisational dance of hands, heart, vision and soul
Of prayer and mindfulness
Of vulnerability and transparent sacred offering
Compassion and passion
Woven together in a tapestry uniquely me
In the footprint of nature’s dance
That informs me of who I am now
In union, in communion
To cry and laugh
To fall on my face and rise once more
Grieve and celebrate
Love and let go
Take nothing for granted
And everything as sacred
Acceptance and surrender
Living now and now
Free from self-made prisons
With imaginary bars
That could never really contain me
For very long
Fears rising
Trust the unfolding
No control, only offerings
Placed on embodied altars
Of bone and flesh
Earth and prayer
Howl at the moon
Talk to the trees
Belong to no one and everything
At long last free…

karma unfolding

layers building on themselves

life birth decades death

how to live fully

that the years might contribute

to those that follow

keep the question close

ask it often and deeply

listen love listen

Essence of Beauty

Beneath the surface of daily interactions

Beauty comes, goes, and quietly lingers

We know She can be lured forth

in scent, sound, and human touch

Yes, rose petal perfumes, songs of life, and even celebratory dance!

Her reach is boundless, she’s so much more—pure freedom and love

her authority is of God.

Regal and refined through eons of initiations

neutral in stance and purity of thought,

in rhythmic prose her heart speaks truth—

piercing the air and earth

mixed with a primordial essence that can’t be taught—

only lived through space and measured time

in knowing and uncertainty; in faith and mystery

nourished in the silvery pool of what

life calls each of us to BE — beings of Beauty

Wendy Haynes

A Selection of Sijo’s


The process of formation of female gametes

Grandma, tell me the story of how I was a seed in you. 

Oo child, you were a precious seed inside your mum when she was 

a babe growing in me. The grandmother tree holds the nest safe.

The Birth and Death of a Cell

All living things are made of cells.

One single cell—then there are two, four, eight, sixteen, and…. billions,

Trillions. Living and dying. No celebrations and no mourning. 

But stars, which rarely dim: how often do I bow to your Grace? 

Apoptosis for a Frog

Programmed Cell Death: A Normal 

Part of Physical Development

Goodbye, my dear gills and fins and tail—you’ve heard the call, It’s time 

to die. No need to cry and mourn and wail—I’ve heard there’s something 

new afoot—four legs to hop and flail—and bring you joy! Riddeep!

Wendy Haynes, Copyright 3/2022

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