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Life Is Magic

“We are fed by beauty and especially that of nature. How often do we simply take our natural surroundings for granted. Forgetting that this part of us can be an elixir for despair and heartache in a world gone crazy. A remembrance of wholeness and interconnection…..not separation….”

The Beauty of Interwoven Connections

“Standing on the wooden walkway at the Audubon Bird Sanctuary my companion saw her first. Long turtle neck stretching up to the sky to soak in the suns rays, her body grounded on the log in the lake water poised amidst the reflections of Fall color….”

The Constant Gardener

“Nature is a wise guide in teaching us how we shall spend our time. A reminder that everything is born, unfurled for a period of time…..and then passes it’s essence to the life that is to come. “

Day 25: Elder Muse – The Honorable Harvest

“This is an opportunity to remember why we are here…..and what supports and sustains us. The natural world.”

Will we be more mindful of taking from her in the days to come? Our lives depend upon it….”

Love With Your Whole Body

“The vibrant energy of the pink blossoms continue to stop me in my tracks every time I come or go from my small home sanctuary. For this magnificent cherry tree in the image above is right outside the front door to my house.

This morning those 100’s of blossoms made me stop for more intimate moments of connection. To simply fall in love with the beauty of this light filled Spring day and my place in it….”