Tag: Elderhood

Circles of Motion

“When reaching the elder stage of life many of us realize with acute awareness that each morning that we wake up to an in breath/out breath, and open our eyes…. it is a gift.

What if the greatest act of creativity comes in this final stage of life. Knowing that how we spend our days matters more than it ever has.”

Breathe With Life

A necessary ingredient in the Universe is chaos. It can sweep you and the life you have so carefully constructed away. And it is also the place from which all things start anew.

Knowing that you can plan for something your whole life and still get taken by surprise.


The Heart’s Yearning

“Perhaps it is the yearning of the heart that draws us to notice the ordinary beauty all around us. To not only notice but to allow it to expand our perception of life in the moment by opening to see beyond the narrow confines of our present cultural narrative and domesticated survival.

In The Marrow of Our Bones

“How often are we challenged by distraction missing the moments that are the very essence of life unfolding?

I pose that question to live within, not to answer. The shifts and changes continue in spite of our compelling need to control. That is the only part of this elder journey we can be certain of. “


“Starting the day with vision that perceives beauty seems to soften and enhance, at the same time, the way this day will unfold. A sense of possibility and opportunity to walk with eyes and heart wide open into the day.”

Life Is Magic

“We are fed by beauty and especially that of nature. How often do we simply take our natural surroundings for granted. Forgetting that this part of us can be an elixir for despair and heartache in a world gone crazy. A remembrance of wholeness and interconnection…..not separation….”

Ordinary Beauty

“With so much violence and unrest going on among humans, I have recently gravitated towards consciously finding the beauty in everyday ordinary experiences. This soothes my broken heart, even for just a moment in time, and releases me into a calmer more peaceful inner being and appreciation.

Knowing that beauty is everywhere reminds me to be more kind, compassionate and trusting. To see and create beauty and find joy wherever it beckons. To be in nature often….”

Time Or Moments?

“In indigenous wisdom all life is one and is inextricably interconnected. There is no separateness, only wholeness. The actions and choices we take and make create the stories that evolve. Where we place our attention grows to take over the moments – to explore, discover and creatively express. Shouldn’t we choose wisely and see through the lens of wholeness with all of our senses…right now?”

Wisdom of the Standing Elder Beings

“Stepping into an old growth forest is like stepping from chaos into an ancient , intelligent environment of cooperation, interconnection and diverse community. Almost immediately I felt the presence of indigenous energy and wished that I had moccasins on my feet instead of bulky walking shoes, or better yet barefoot to connect directly with the earth beneath my feet.

In direct communication and connection with this generative, abundant and lush world teeming with life I crossed over the stream running under the bridge at the beginning of the trailhead and felt at home….”


“Solitude that was so rare as we raced through our younger years was most often to be avoided at all costs. If we only knew that it was the solitude that would bring us a greater awareness of who we are in our wholeness perhaps we would have welcomed it with open arms.

Leapt at opportunities to bare our heart and soul to ourselves in quiet reflection….”