What is the first thing you do when you awaken?

Being grateful for awakening into a new fresh day. Or perhaps stretching and feeling into this miraculous body you have been gifted no matter the challenges of aging you may be facing or feeling.

Since nature is such an intimate companion for me I often move the curtains aside when it is still dark in the early morning hours and set myself up to see the sunrise – a profoundly scared time for me. The beauty that light illuminates is awe inspiring.

A simple ordinary beauty from the bedroom window revealing itself through the now diminished leaves on the River Birch outside the window. Compounded by the surprise of open blossoms on the Christmas Cactus in the foreground.

A piece of art that is ever changing…..

Weaverville, NC/Photography Gaye Abbott, 11/2023

Starting the day with mindfulness and vision that perceives beauty seems to soften and enhance, at the same time, the way this day will unfold. A sense of possibility and opportunity to walk with eyes and heart wide open into the day.

Promising that the flare of color will show itself when most needed to inspire and nourish as the daylight increases…..and you begin to breathe fully into the moment.

“ORDINARY BEAUTY” will be a series of short weekly blog posts through the end of this year on finding and witnessing ordinary beauty through the experience and wisdom of elderhood. Stay tuned!

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Gaye Abbott, Wildly Free Elder, 11/10/23

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  1. How I loved reading and breathing in the calm beauty of your morning photography. Me too. I feel kin.

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