In The Marrow of Our Bones

Big Laurel River, French Broad Watershed, N. Carolina/Photography by Gaye Abbott

In the Marrow of Our Bones

There is ordinary beauty everywhere

often unseen because of distraction

until revealed

at a depth right to the marrow of our bones.

Living in darkness it seeks a way out to the light.

through the cracks in our facade

that no longer are able to remain closed.

Cascading in multi-sensory spirals on a journey of belonging

we discover that beauty always sits right next to us.

Partnered with love and compassion

with eyes and heart wide open

walking down an unknown path

into the mystery

that beckons without words.

Gaye Abbott, 11/4/2023

Blue Ridge Mountains, Western N. Carolina at Sunrise/Photography by Gaye Abbott, 2023

.How often are we challenged by distraction missing the moments that are the very essence of life unfolding?

I pose that question to live within, not to answer. The shifts and changes continue in spite of our compelling need to control. That is the only part of this elder journey we can be certain of.

It is this complex variety of form, color, light and darkness where beauty emerges from. Our perception and filters color these moments easing them into our attention.

Where will you place your attention this week…..this moment?

“ORDINARY BEAUTY” will be a series of short weekly blog posts through the end of this year on finding and witnessing ordinary beauty through the experience and wisdom of elderhood. Stay tuned!

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Gaye Abbott, Wildly Free Elder, 11/17/23

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