Day 6: Elder Muse -The Elder’s Journey

Ancient Bristlecone

“Go, and if you are scared go scared” Brazilian Moto

There are no elder rites of passage in our mainstream culture. In fact we must create one for ourselves. Our own unique rites of passage – not a one size fits all.

Opening into a conscious approach to growing older we may still ask the question of ourselves “how do I want to live my life?”. Not “doing what you love” as a profession or job, but instead the question to live in may be – what opens my heart, inspires my creativity, and brings me peace of mind and well being.

Granted there are a lot less years ahead of us, so wouldn’t you feel inspired to choose where your heart and intuition guide you?

Two years ago next April I made a leap clear across the country from N. California to N. Carolina at age 72 – a place I had never even visited before. The story of that leap can be found in the free e-book “Finding Home: Pathways to Conscious Embodied Relocation”.

What it represented for me was an elder rites of passage in following my heart, intuition, and knowing what was most important to me at this stage of life. I am not blessed to have a devoted partner in my life – though I would love one – so it was done consciously alone with the support of friends and in connection with my sons and grandchildren, all in California.

We have been gifted these elder years of life. Besides feeling blessed and incredibly grateful to have them, what will we do with them? What is important?

Every day is a new day and opportunity to love, to laugh, to show kindness and compassion, and to create. There is passion always living within us….but sometimes it hides especially when memories fail us and bodies simply won’t do what they used to

The Brazilians say, “Go, and if you are scared go scared”. Try on different perspectives, be curious, talk to strangers, share laughter, start painting, grow your own food, write poetry, learn a new way to move your body, be of service……the possibilities are endless.

I invite you to watch this short video by Green Renaissance featuring Eduardo Shimahara who is no longer embodied among us. Though most of us are past the time for careers and “making money” what he tells us here about his awareness will live on among us…..

Jun 13, 2018 ‘The question is very simple. How would you like to live your life? Are you doing what you love?’ – Eduardo Shimahara

Purpose is something so deeply personal. It’s not about fitting in – it’s about finding your own path. Listen to your heart – that’s the right thing for you to do.

Who is Green Renaissance? We are a tiny collective of 4 passionate filmmakers (Warren, Jacky, Michael and Justine). We live off-grid and dedicate our time to making films that we hope will inspire and share ideas.


Taking responsibility for our own journey is at times incredibly challenging. For those of you who read this blog regularly you may have noticed there was only one blog post published from September-November.

I was on a journey of exploration and discovery on how it felt to work a temporary part time mainstream job 20-hours/week, as well as continue on with my own private house/pet sitting business at the same time. It seemed my writing and creativity went into a hibernation of sorts.

I became acutely aware of what is most important to me at this precious elder time of life..and what is not. What opens me to wholeness, creativity, compassion, beauty, peace of mind and love….and what shuts me down into scarcity and contraction in the midst, of “busyness”. .

From this short 3-month experience the “elder muse” made an appearance and patiently waited to reveal a plan to re-engage with creative artistry when the timing was right. Over the next 31 days you will receive a daily Elder Muse blog post accessed from the unfolding of the day – not planned or scheduled.

I have no idea what will arise…..but then do we really know ahead of time what our moment to moment daily experience will be? We are only asked to pay attention.

Case in point – Just now I almost missed this sunrise extravaganza while focused on the words instead of the ever transitioning beauty emerging right out the window…….

I appreciate that you will be along with me for this journey. Please feel free to make comments or add your own insights and humor…..

In Gratitude & Appreciation!

Gaye Abbott



4 Comments on “Day 6: Elder Muse -The Elder’s Journey

  1. What a precious gift is this life. Follow the intuition is not something we are taught. We fall into it and must learn to trust its heart messages. To become whole we follow our intuition.

    • Absolutely Diana! Trusting our intuition is indeed something we learn over time. I feel this is one of the many benefits of being fortunate enough to still be embodied here as we actively embrace our wholeness. xoGaye

  2. Thank you for reminding me why I followed this blog in the first place. The wisdom and perspective of those further in their life’s journey is precious.

    All the best with your path…

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