The Door Is Wide Open – But Don’t Let The Old Man In



Facing the fact of our own mortality is something we fall into intimacy with as we enter the elder years of our embodied life.

What is dignified aging? Feeling the pain and the joy. The challenges and the easy parts. The tapestry of life we weave for ourselves and with others.

Living and acting from a place of peace, serenity, humor and gratitude is not always easy. We forget.

Open your eyes and your heart.

Engage with that which uplifts and inspires you.

“Don’t let the old man in.” ~Michael Canfield

People often assume that if someone is giving thanks, it’s because their life is easy and that they have nothing to be negative about. This is not the case at all. Those who practice gratitude understand that it’s how you think about a situation, that makes it easier or more difficult.

As you practice gratitude, the focus shifts from what is lacking in life to the abundance that already exists. It is a matter of retraining the brain to see all the wonder and possibility that lies before us each day.

So.. what are you grateful for today?

Filmed in Tulbagh, South Africa.
Featuring Michael Canfield. 

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Gaye Abbott, Natural Passages Consulting, 7/22/22. Please feel free to share this post.

4 Comments on “The Door Is Wide Open – But Don’t Let The Old Man In

  1. I absolutely LOVE THIS BLOG and Vimeo and everything about the message. I needed it today and it and all of you who make this possible are personal blessings to me and those with whom I’ll share! Thx for taking time to create and keep sharing. You’re changing lives for the better one moment and one action at a time. Beautiful ARTISTRY in each gift you give.

    • Nathalie! Your comments feel like a warm hug along with acknowledgment of all that I love to share with others. I continue to feel strongly that it is not the effort needed to tackle the many imbalances that are a constant in our lives at this time, but instead sharing transparently from the depths and artistry of our being with love, kindness, compassion, understanding and definitely humor. This has the power to shift awareness to a higher vibration of wholeness and well being on behalf of humans and our amazing planet. Thank you for your readership and your participation with the Wildly Free Elder global community!!

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