Acceptance, Letting Go….and Discovery

Photo: Sunrise on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

“Let choice whisper in your ear and love murmur in your heart. Be ready. Here comes life.”

Maya Angelou

The Zoom conversation I was having with my dear friend in Scotland started out, as usual, with a depth of sharing that left us both telling stories.

Stories of moments where we received what some call a “download” and others may call inner guidance, intuition, or a “gut feeling”. Something better not to be ignored.

It all seemed to embrace acceptance, letting go, trust, choice and most definitely discovery. As I age it seems that these moments are coming more often.

.A choice to let go of “the way I have always been” to explore new territory.

The conversation? It started off with my telling my Scottish friend about the moment I realized I no longer was interested in being a part of the type of ecstatic dance gatherings I had been involved in for over 20 years and had derived incredible pleasure from.

What had happened? The moment of acceptance arrived and then directly into a space of letting go. Perhaps there will be times I will be drawn back again to join these celebrations of movement, but for now there is something else emerging that is part of the discovery process. I trust that unfolding and open my heart to it.

For my friend, he found himself in a once a year commitment to speak to Masters students at the University of Edinburgh for two hours about a particular topic. He noticed some resistance preparing for it and then when on stage, and after 2 of the 40 slides he had prepared, he stopped the slides knowing that this was not the way he wanted to be.

In that moment an entire space opened up for him to trust the guidance (download) he was receiving. He started posing questions and involving the students in the experience of exploration and discovery of how this focus was relevant to them.

You might guess that for him it was more in alignment with who he has become, and for the students a treat to be connected with the “man in front of the room” in a more personal way.

Life moments unfolding through acceptance, letting go and certainly discovery. A fluid way to be present in these elder years of life.

Do you sometimes become “lost in the flood” of a “weary mind” in a complex world that constantly grabs for attention?

Then come and …….

..….slide beneath the ocean waves with me on the Isle of Skye and open your heart to the magic of discovery…
Premiered Apr 3, 2022 “As a very proud Scotsman, born and raised on the Isle of Skye, I am so very happy to share this beautiful piece of work, a journey and collaboration with my talented fellow islanders Jim Hope and Kate Macleod from across the water on the beautiful Isle of Lewis. ‘Lost in The Flood’ is our gift of escape to a world beneath the waves in another life here in the Scottish Hebrides, our home and a place that connects us that we hold so very dear to our hearts. I hope you enjoy this journey and share it far and wide.” Richard, (Jim & Kate).

SONG : ‘Lost In The Flood’ by SIIGA from the studio album ‘Gemini Rising’ Shot by Jim Hope Featuring Kate Macleod (The Hebridean Mermaid)

A special thank you to Bob for sharing this video with me!

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