Emotion Is Energy In Motion

Artist Joe Cartwright

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom ..

~ Anais Nin ~

We are taught by our respective cultures, and often our family of origin, not to fall apart. For both women and men. If we are fortunate we are allowed to do so as a child growing up.

We are told that our very survival depends on holding it all together, protecting our hearts and not showing the fullness of who we are. But what if that is not true at all?

Yes, there are situations and life challenges that require a certain degree of focused competency in the moment which may mean our emotions – fear, anger, upset – are kept at bay.

But what if those very emotions did not render us incapable, weak or incompetent. But instead powered our focus in whatever life challenge (or joy) we were facing, and at the same time deepening our relationships and connection through vulnerability and transparency.

Suppressing emotion – energy in motion – isolates us and can create imbalance and dis-ease.

I hadn’t connected with her for years, but as we faced each other on the Zoom screen – Australia to N. Carolina – and shared what it was like to be in “elderhood” we ended up laughing at the serendipity that plays across our lives now.

We laughingly agreed that something must have been timed to go off deep inside when we reached a certain age that said – OK, NOW you can say anything you want, act and dress wild and crazy, show emotions fully – at times perhaps “inappropriately” – and not care at all what others think or say about you.

What freedom to simply be present to life, not as an actor on stage or disguised as someone you are not, adhering to the cultural dilemma of inauthentic being. Instead simply placing attention on who we are becoming in any given moment in full acceptance with compassion. Emotions weaving a momentary flowing masterpiece – for that is the life blood of energy in motion.

The first time I watched this transparent, sensitively filmed interview with Antoinette Pienaar by Green Renaissance I was up against what felt like major blocks in my heart and mind – towards my own creativity and the gifts I have to offer.

In the moment she “gave permission” to fall apart, I broke down weeping. With the awareness of “holding it together” for so much of my life, it felt like a giant wave washing through to free up those bonds of captivity that I had unconsciously put in place long ago.

Now what is possible? Blossoming…..

Thank you Antoinette Pienaar and Green Renaissance for such beautifully sensitive filming with depth!

“Much of the world’s conflict comes from a closed, heavy heart.  We suppress emotions that cause us pain, we suffer from worry, fear and trauma.  We encase our hearts in layers of protection, a fortress around our most sensitive selves, and the heart becomes rigid and closed.  So our heart loses its shine and the spirit becomes restless, and unable to authentically express itself.

But we can learn to soften our hearts, recognizing that we don’t need the armour it thought it needed to keep it safe.  You have the choice to free yourself of the emotional burdens you are holding onto.  By opening your heart, you help yourself, others and the world to be a more loving place.  Let go, choose love, and let your spirit soar.”

Filmed in Theefontein, South Africa. by Green Renaissance“. Consider funding them through Patreon!
Featuring Antoinette Pienaar https://kruiekraaikoning.co.za

*For those who wish to know more about Antoinette’s teacher Om Johannes at Treefontein see the video below:

At Op Theefontein – the meeting between Antoinette Pienaar and her herb and nature in the veld teacher, Oom Johannes. Filmed in 2014.

“Oom (uncle) Johannes is known by many names: herb doctor, healer, story teller, and teacher. Although he is already 95 years old, he still dedicates his time and energy to walking the lands near his home in search of healing herbs. For Johannes, nature is medicine to the soul and can be used in many ways to aid healing.””

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