Day 22: Elder Muse – A Gift of Kindness

Photo: Captain Sir Thomas Moore

The holiday season is often filled with excess and consumerism. I wonder what it would be like to offer a gift of kindness to each other, or to strangers out there who you pass by every day.

Every time I go out into the world there is a practice I attend to most days. I do at least one act of kindness and share laughter with someone. When I saw the post on Good News Network about Captain Sir Thomas Moore I thought it was a great gift to give to you, especially during the holidays.

Perhaps it will inspire you to do your own acts of kindness….and when you receive one – place it on the message board at the link below!

“Captain Sir Tom Moore lived a long and fulfilled life, that was brimming with joy, deep sorrow, love, loss, hope positivity and kindness. He passed away at the age of 100 years.

He spent years of his youth experiencing first-hand the horrors of war in defense of the country and values that he held so dear. Despite this, he truly believed in the fundamental goodness of humanity and always said:

‘Above all be kind. It doesn’t cost you a penny.’

With that in mind, this message board is a place to relate your kindness stories, to share joy and hope with others by recalling any small gift of kindness towards you, or someone you know, and how that felt.

With love from Captain Sir Tom’s family – Hannah, Colin, Benjie and Georgia xx”

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