Day 3/Elder Muse: Spirits Don’t Age!

Movement, dance, mobility of any kind has been a treasured aspect of being embodied for me. I have always said I desire to live my life as I dance – free, open, uninhibited, and wildly present to following the rhythms of life flowing through in any given moment.

Yet like everyone I get caught up in my mind and every day life busyness….and forget…..while the physical aging process at times reveals itself as an uninvited guest who must be accommodated.

Once we reach elderhood most of us have experienced some sort of compromised mobility at some point, either temporary or more permanent. Over the last 3 months, after an injury, I learned more about the preciousness of movement and lack of, acceptance of what is in the moment, a need to adapt even if simply temporary….and for me a burning desire to keep moving no matter what, even if it was in my imagination.

Movement created from the creative breath of simply being….

I invite you to meet Eileen Kramer through her movement, her words…..and even what is not being spoken but is so apparent – her creative Spirit – in the video below filmed when she was 103. I also wish to express immense gratitude to Julie Wylie, a part of our Wildly Free Elder tribe, for sending a link about Eileen, thus inspiring me to continue moving through body, breath, heart and creative Spirit until the day I am no longer here….

As our lives unfold I wonder what the creative offering will be that lights you up?

And at 107 she is still filled with passion, elegance, humor and a creative uninhibited natural spark that won’t ever go away….

For more on Eileen Kramer go here:


Taking responsibility for our own journey is at times incredibly challenging. For those of you who read this blog regularly you may have noticed there was only one blog post published from September-November.

I was on a journey of exploration and discovery on how it felt to work a temporary part time mainstream job 20-hours/week, as well as continue on with my own private house/pet sitting business at the same time. It seemed my writing and creativity went into a hibernation of sorts.

I became acutely aware of what is most important to me at this precious elder time of life..and what is not. What opens me to wholeness, creativity, compassion, beauty, peace of mind and love….and what shuts me down into scarcity and contraction in the midst, of “busyness”. .

From this short 3-month experience the “elder muse” made an appearance and patiently waited to reveal a plan to re-engage with creative artistry when the timing was right. Over the next 31 days you will receive a daily Elder Muse blog post accessed from the unfolding of the day – not planned or scheduled.

I have no idea what will arise…..but then do we really know ahead of time what our moment to moment daily experience will be? We are only asked to pay attention.

Case in point – Just now I almost missed this sunrise extravaganza while focused on the words instead of the ever transitioning beauty emerging right out the window…….

I appreciate that you will be along with me for this journey. Please feel free to make comments or add your own insights and humor…..

In Gratitude & Appreciation!

Gaye Abbott

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  1. I just want you to know that I’m grateful and appreciative that you are back on your blog. It gives me a little lift every morning.

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