Embodied Transitions

Blue Ridge Mountain Sunrise, Photography by Gaye Abbott

Elemental Musings” offers daily postings, for an undetermined amount of time, by a nature lover and elder in transition in the Blue Ridge Mountain area of North Western N. Carolina.

A morning person I have always been, at least for as long as I can remember back over the timeline of this embodied life. I can’t imagine any better way to start a day than to see the sun rise, listen to the birds celebrate with their varied calls, breathe in the morning air laden with moisture and feel in my bones a transition into rain soon…very soon.

Shifts and transitions are continually happening even if we don’t pay attention – within and without. Energy constantly shape shifting bringing magic and tragedy, delight and sadness, awe and forgetfulness. Are we paying attention, or lost in the mundane mainstream detailed oriented life we actually have never felt at “home” within.

Sitting on the porch of my friends home where I am house sitting I was gifted with the sunrise above. Within minutes it shifted to a gray cloudy sky with a light rain. If I was distracted for even a moment I would have missed this transition.

Storm Moving, Blue Ridge Mountains, NC. Photography by Gaye Abbott

Aging for me seems to bring with it a desire to not miss the transitions. Instead, to actively participate in them by being fully present. For it is in these moments that life happens. Not the planned event in the future or the worry, or even excitement, over what might happen tomorrow.

If I would have become distracted and gone inside thinking the nature show was over with and focusing on a breakfast agenda, I would have missed this grand wild turkey greeting. That would have been my great loss.

Wild Turkey, Hawks Landing, Weaverville NC/Photo by Gaye Abbott

Post by Gaye Abbott, 7/30/21, Natural Passages Consulting.

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