A Touch of Magic

Elemental Musings” offers weekly postings, for an undetermined amount of time, by a nature lover and elder in transition in the Blue Ridge Mountain area of North Western N. Carolina.

Having been born and raised on the West Coast of California I had never seen fireflies. That is until I moved to Vermont some years back and found this magical display of flickering white lights all over the grass, bushes and trees. I felt as if I was a small child filled with wonder in those moments. I still do….

Now I find myself in N. Western North Carolina in the Blue Ridge Mountains where I settled a mere 4 months ago now. One evening a couple of weeks I ago I was drawn to my screened in porch to sit out in the balmy night listening to the night sounds of cicadas and occasional bird calls as the darkness descended like a curtain wrapping me in soft moisture laden air like an embrace.

Synchronous Fireflies, Great Smoky Mountains, N. Carolina

It wasn’t long before I noticed the flickers of light among the trees and on the lawn below. What is it about these small creatures who must certainly be a member of the fairy family? They only show us their bio-luminescence, which is 100% cold light energy, for a couple of months as they mate and then they are gone.

As I rocked in the swing in the screened in porch an alternate realm invited me in. What would it be like to magically part the screen that contains me in my human world and take flight among the trees and grass merging with the night as I wait for the dancing light of my potential mate to find me.

In human life, where magic and mysticism took a back seat long ago, perhaps it is time to bring it back……

Post by Gaye Abbott, 8/2/21, Natural Passages Consulting.

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