Time Or Moments?

Blue Ridge Mountains at Sunrise, W. North Carolina/Photography by Gaye Abbott

“Maybe there is no such thing as time; there are only moments,

each with its own story.”

Robin Wall Kimmerer from “Braiding Sweetgrass”

Yesterday, when I realized that it was “already September” I felt a bit of panic rush in that “life was passing me by”. But it was my mind based in human time that created that feeling, not what I live these days of the seasons evolving, birdsong filling the airwaves each morning, brilliant sunrises to be in wonder and awe within, moments spent in nature, and sharing love and connection with friends and with animals.

It is easy to get sucked into the mainstream belief that there “isn’t enough time” and miss completely the precious moments we are gifted with and the stories that evolve out of them. Isn’t that where our living is rooted?

It is when we are in the moments that we perceive the beauty and preciousness of life, but also the suffering and death that is a natural part of being alive on earth. To ride that edge of being fully in the moment and at the same time make room to acknowledge it could be the last….of a partner, friend, beloved animal, …..or ourselves.

In indigenous wisdom all life is one and is inextricably interconnected. There is no separateness, only wholeness. The actions and choices we take and make create the stories that evolve. Where we place our attention grows to take over the moments – to explore, discover and creatively express.

Shouldn’t we choose wisely and see through the lens of wholeness with all of our senses…right now?

“I’m dying for everybody to see what I see, because it is so wonderful. The world that I dream of is the one that we’ve got, because I think it is absolutely incredible.” – Vicki Thomas

Vicki is a botanical artist, and from the moment she painted her first flower back in 1980, she knew that it would become a lifelong passion. Her work is a visual demonstration of her deep connection to the earth.

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Gaye Abbott, Wildly Free Elder, 09/02/23

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