Day 1: Elder Muse -Life Is A Marvelous Gift!

Photo by Gaye Abbott, Blue Ridge Mountain Range, Western N. Carolina

“People in Appalachia insisted the mountains breathed, and it was true: the steep hollow behind the farmhouse took up one long, slow inhalation every morning and let it back down through their open windows and across the fields throughout the evening – just one full breath each day.”

~ From – “Prodigal Summer” by Barbara Kingslover

The porch vantage point offers a front row seat to the unfolding moment. The leaves left on the almost bare trees acting as nature’s wind chimes giving witness to the ever changing cloud formations dancing across the expanse of blue, almost like playing tag with each other.

Rain during the night has left a glistening freshness to the air. I breathe in deeply and notice the fecund smell of earth freshly christened with the water element. The name for this is “petrichor” – the wonderful, earthy smell that rises from the ground after the first drops of rain fall.

If I look away or become distracted for even a moment from surrendering into the moment, I lose this immersion in the on going choreography of nature breathing….

“Life is precious when we align with the magic in surrender.”

The short film below of Egbert van Bartwas sent from South Africa via Green Renaissance arrived on Thanksgiving Day. When I emailed Justine, one of the film makers, she said they had not intentionally sent it to arrive in the U.S. that day but that synchronicity must have played a part. It made me smile….

“We all have the power of choice in life. We can resist what we don’t like in the hope that it will go away. Or we can accept things the way they are and make space for something new and different to transpire, simply by being in the flow of who we are and what is happening around us.  And when we surrender to what is, we allow the true beauty of life to unfold. This magical space is where joy lives, and where gratitude can be found.  

Life is precious when we align with the magic in surrender.”

Filmed at Groot Marico, South Africa by Green Renaissance
Featuring Egbert van Bart.


Taking responsibility for our own journey is at times incredibly challenging. For those of you who read this blog regularly you may have noticed there was only one blog post published from September-November.

I was on a journey of exploration and discovery on how it felt to work a temporary part time mainstream job 20-hours/week, as well as continue on with my own private house/pet sitting business at the same time. It seemed my writing and creativity went into a hibernation of sorts.

I became acutely aware of what is most important to me at this precious elder time of life..and what is not. What opens me to wholeness, creativity, compassion, beauty, peace of mind and love….and what shuts me down into scarcity and contraction in the midst, of “busyness”. .

From this short 3-month experience the “elder muse” made an appearance and patiently waited to reveal a plan to re-engage with creative artistry when the timing was right. Over the next 31 days you will receive a daily Elder Muse blog post accessed from the unfolding of the day – not planned or scheduled.

I have no idea what will arise…..but then do we really know ahead of time what our moment to moment daily experience will be? We are only asked to pay attention.

Case in point – Just now I almost missed this sunrise extravaganza while focused on the words instead of the ever transitioning beauty emerging right out the window…….

I appreciate that you will be along with me for this journey. Please feel free to make comments or add your own insights and humor…..

In Gratitude & Appreciation!

Gaye Abbott

4 Comments on “Day 1: Elder Muse -Life Is A Marvelous Gift!

  1. I welcome back your elder muse dear Gaye-I recognize this location, thank you for your inspiring words and celebrate your compassionate wise heart!

  2. Hi Gaye. This post is beautiful! So happy to have you back! Love 💕 Hilary

    • Good to be back too Hilary! Only 29 more posts from Elder Muse to go and I am having great fun with them. Love to you!! Gaye

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