DAY 20: Give Yourself Time

Community Labyrinth, Weaverville, N. Carolina

Give yourself time to make a prayer that will become the prayer of your soul. Listen to the voices of longing in your soul. Listen to your hungers. Give attention to the unexpected that lives around the rim of your life. Listen to your memory and to the inrush of your future to the voices of those near you and those you have lost. Out of all that attention to your soul, make a prayer that is big enough for your wild soul, yet tender enough for your shy and awkward vulnerability; That has enough healing to gain the ointment of divine forgiveness for your wounds; enough truth and vigor to challenge your blindness and complacency; enough graciousness and vision to mirror your immortal beauty. Write a prayer that is worthy of the destiny to which you have been called.”

~John O’Donohue

Giving ourselves time to be still enough to hear our own voice. To channel a prayer that is “big enough for your wild soul” as John O’Donohue speaks to the destiny we are here for.

This day was filled with dropping in and letting go. Communing with the natural world. Engaging in spontaneous laughter with another as a small community walked the Full Moon celebration labyrinth.

It was a bitterly cold day with wind blowing, bundled up and layered so to enjoy a walk around the local lake. Of a sudden we came upon a Blue Heron simply being still in a tree gazing out at the lake that was filled (we were told by a fisherman nearby) with bountiful fish fit for a majestic bird.

I noticed almost walking right by this beauty where two humans stood transfixed becoming a part of the stillness. What a loss that would have been.

Blue Heron, Beaver Lake, Asheville, N. Carolina

Past a bird sanctuary, mostly void of the calls and presence of the denizens that nest and feed here, continuing in the gentle loop around the lake. Taking in bark textures among the barren trees. Witnessing how the branches have formed an art piece all their own. One tree in particular having co-created a spiral pattern with the assistance of a very persistent vine that has since been cut away. Yet the tree still growing towards the light.

Beaver Lake, Asheville, N. Carolina

Moments pass. Prayer of the wild soul and shy awkward vulnerable one starts emerging through moments entwined with nature and later another circle of ancient form.

One step at a time within a Full Moon labyrinth walk with others, Winter Solstice energy vibrating. We have all been here before. Taking that first mindful step within the spiraling circle of life. Watching the mind spin its stories. Heart inviting opening, forgiveness, and surrender of any resistance that keeps us stuck.

Each walk through a labyrinth weaves its own experience. This day a new friend found she was all of a sudden in the center space and found she had skipped parts of the path. As I arrived there she realized what she had done and said “Oh, I am lost!” and attempted to retrace her path hopping over some river stones to go back.

Breaking into the silence of others walking mindfully…. laughter spontaneously erupted between us. The giggles actually, if two elder women are “allowed” to do that. 🙂 Cosmic humor delivered straight from the center of the sacred labyrinth walk.

Realizing in an instant that we go through a lifetime of “being lost” and finding our way.

A reminder of letting go, acceptance, and willingness to curiously continue the journey of discovery. Letting others along the path know that we are there to get lost with them.

As I placed the smooth river stone I had in my hand painted with the words “Create” and “Love” in the center of the labyrinth circle the prayer revealed itself even more…..words emerging within the steps taken one at a time along the path.

Community Labyrinth, Western N. Carolina

A continuing life song until one has lived their prayer….and the soul has fled the body.

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