Engaging With The Wild

“The payment now is the sacrifice of certainty and control that comes in engagement with the wild. That is what renews the world.”

~Charles Eisenstein

“Engagement with the wild” inside, and outside, seems to be something we have forgotten how to be and do. As elders becoming it is an integral part of the initiation.

The wild in this case meaning inhabiting a space of being that holds no certainty, control, or what we have called “normal” within our patterned ruts deeply grooved in the matter of our brains.

The question we are all faced with right now. Do we adventure into new territory engaged through a courageous leap, stepping over the threshold of curiosity, into the heart of our own wildness?

Perhaps fitting in and belonging is more important right now. I understand the lure in such uncertain times. But haven’t they always been uncertain?

As Charles Eisenstein says, it is “time to devote ourselves to love rather than safety, beauty rather than growth, participation rather than control”. And perhaps, I say, be more inclusive rather than dismissive.

Imagine a large circle with 5 concentric circles within gradually reducing in size until the last one is simply at the center.

As humans we are prone to focus on two ways of thinking and survival. The outermost circle is focusing on the complexity of life through solving a problem or banishing a symptom which is a never ending loop of chasing after the next one that emerges. It certainly gives the mind endless jobs to do!

The second circle inside the first outer layer involves functions of mind, body heart – the operating systems if you will – which is a little more expanded, but still contained within the boxes of what is presently known about these operating systems and can endlessly be broadcast as mainstream and cultural dogma giving you that assumed sense of safety, certainty and control.

The next two circles and the very center are steps into engaging with the wild.

Engaging, innovating, imagining and creating new stories for ourselves, and by default all that we are interconnected with. And have fun doing it!

Moving out of “function” we enter into the energy of all life, where we are aware that the whole is always where we belong. Within that energetic space there is so much more room to play and let go. To practice our artistry without the restraints of external complexity and old operating systems theories clouding the playing field.

It may seem too vast in those first fall on your face moments to sense everything as energy flowing, but the next circle entices with expanded awareness and creativity, where embodied life just seems to increase in diversity and possibility for transforming old structures into new landscapes for fluidity, creative renewal and collaboration.

At the center of it all is ESSENCE. This is where the core of our being resides and holds court over our lives if we choose to live from that place of wholeness. We bypass the analysis and complexity of functions and go straight to the deepest cause of what may be blocking our way to engaging with the wild.

Like the wave above that has taken its own journey onto the beach away from the other structured molecules of water and minerals, we have the opportunity to finally come home to our unique offerings. Some part of that renegade portion of the wave will undoubtedly commune with sand, air and sun transforming and renewing its very being.

What wild engagement awaits you?

Gratitude to Mingtong Gu of Wisdom Healing Qigong for the image of 5 concentric circles in the Pure Consciousness foundation.


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