Aging With An Attitude of Incline With Ramona Oliver

WELCOME to our newest Wildly Free Elder Spotlight, Ramona Oliver ! Please go to her page and see how Ramona is contributing to the Wildly Free Elder community and positive aging everywhere….and check out her book, Inclined Elders. too!

Inclined Elders are men and women who have made a conscious choice to ignore society’s mindset of ‘decline’ and ‘over the hill’ as they age and have embraced an optimistic mindset of continuing to climb ever upwards. Inclined Elders: How to rebrand aging for self and society by Ramona Oliver gives a positive perception of aging and the Inclined Elders in this book leave their own unique legacies of wisdom and inspiration for future generations to understand. The book is a useful tool for readers to have a good attitude and mindset about aging, live a life of meaning and purpose, and leave a legacy to serve as role models to the coming generations. The tips, techniques, and strategies will encourage readers to live life with an open mind and not blindly accept and follow the norms laid down by society. The book has been divided into three sections – Attitude (Internal Focus), Growth (External Focus), and Empowerment (Societal Focus) – and shows readers how to live a life of ‘Incline.’

The author shares illustrative stories that speak about the everyday lives of people who are living a life of Incline. The book is also all about accepting change and embracing it, and adopting a positive attitude from adulthood to elderhood. Ramona Oliver also speaks about the attitude of the younger generation towards aging. I like the manner in which the topic has been discussed, keeping in mind the pertinence and the seriousness of it, thereby giving aging people the confidence and encouragement to look at life with a renewed perception that is positive and optimistic. The author has shared many interesting resources too in Inclined Elders, and these are engaging and thought-provoking and can be considered when starting to live life as an Incline.”

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite: 5-star Review

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