Resilient Vulnerability

These days we are acutely aware of our vulnerability with a global pandemic, social/civil unrest, political upheavals, environmental devastation and so much more – pressured onto our attention by the media and the mainstream narrative. Resilience is being talked about endlessly with an abundance of information on “how to” increase your resiliency or “do more”. These are certainly of value if they are embodied and not simply a construct of the mind.

Yet the truth is from the moment you were born, even the moment of your conception, you were vulnerable and remain so for the rest of your embodied life. The resilience part does indeed come from a certain built-in innate inherent resilience. Yet it also comes from our choices and conscious or unconscious actions.

Do we perceive embodied life from a space of separation? Or a space of communion within wholeness and vast interconnection?

Essentially the way in which you perceive life and who you are within it….. and becoming.

Take accountability for our own well being or continually search for answers or rescue outside of ourselves?

Where do you place your attention? On artistry and the passion that moves you….or on fear stuck in old patterns of being that no longer serve you?

I leave you with these questions to live within. Not particularly finding answers for them, but instead finding out who you are in the midst of life challenges that all have purpose to them.

Alice Herz Sommer, a holocaust survivor, lived to be 109 years old and was still living independently and practicing piano daily. Take some time to view this interview by Anthony Robbins to see what it took for one Jewish woman to not only survive the camps, but to be someone who brought hope to everyone around her. This is resilient vulnerability….and more!

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