Laughter Across The Generations


‘Youngers’ who make me smile

One of the great things about getting older is that the younger generation can bring fun and laughter to your life. The other day I was with our granddaughter Gracie, and I did not hear what she said. I asked her to repeat what she had said. She looked at me and smiled. Then quite naturally, she said, ‘Nana, do you have your hearing aids in?’ David nudge me in the ribs, and we both laughed out loud. I love that she knows my little quirks well enough to ask me that question. I love myself because I could laugh and not feel diminished at my losing my faculties, LOL! 

I love that I have memories of my kids ‘seeing’ my Dad in a similar way as he headed for 70 and beyond. I have this sense of deja vu around my Dad and his journey through his elderhood. I know that my life is on a similar trajectory as I see my life reflected in my memories of him. He was such a significant presence in my life. And he was quirky too! He would take his hearing aids out when he wanted some peace and quiet. Something I have to confess I have done on occasion! 

  • Does this little anecdote remind you of someone you love?
  • What little quirks might you have that make others smile?

As always, feel free to share a comment. 

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Twins the New Trend

This experience with Gracie took me to think about other young people that have brought fun and laugher into my life. Earlier this week, I came across twin brothers Tim, and Fred Williams, who have a YouTube platform called Twins the New Trend. They create ‘reaction’ videos of themselves listening to music they have never heard before. It is really great fun to watch them. They are becoming a bit of a sensation; in fact, Barak Obama surprised them recently with a Zoom call because they listened to his playlist.

Below is them listening to Phil Collin’s song Something in the Air Tonight. I smiled all the way through as I watched this. The video is 7 minutes long, but I recommend you stick with it. I decided to give you the whole video because there is a lovely build-up to their reaction when Phil’s crescendo begins.

There is something very appealing and refreshing about these young men. The first is their relationship as twins. As is often the case, there is an energetic shorthand in how they communicate with each other. The connection between them as they play off each other’s reactions is delightful. Then there is a genuineness in their responses to the music. You can see that they love music. They are genuinely open to the artist’s creativity, whatever genre or decade the music comes from. I have a sense that this openness reaches into other territories of their lives. 

In these times of challenge and isolation, music is such a gift. Younger generations are a gift. To have the chance to just be with young people who are open to and actively engaged in celebrating music lifted my optimism today.

  • I wonder what music delights you and lifts your spirits?

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Family Memories

So here is another memory in celebration of the younger generation. When I am a bit down in the dumps, I have a wee video that I go to that fills my heart with delight. Back in September last year David and I took our then three-year-old grandson Noah out for the day. He is an adventurous little boy who loves to be outside, and he is entirely at home in nature. We have a favourite walk near our house that takes us deep into a Glen that runs alongside the river Gore. It is quiet with lots of nooks and crannies for Noah to explore in safety. We love being out in nature with the grandkids. It always lifts our spirits.

There is also a magical paddling place there that we have visited often. Noah and I have water shoes so that we can paddle there to our heart’s content. Off come our trousers, socks, and shoes, and then we embark on the next water adventure. 

Below is a video of Noah and Grandad playing a game of making waves with a tree in the river. It was one of those special moments that, as grandparents, we treasure. 

Click here or on the photo to view the video.

Watch out for the little accident.

And so dear friends and family, this has been a lovely newsletter to create for you. Hoping you are well and surrounded by happy memories that sustain you.

As always I am happy to hear from you.

Much appreciation to you for this journey.


Thank You to Ann Roberts for giving permission to share this issue of her Sunny Optimist Newsletter. Make certain to take the time to look at the video in the segment “Twins The New Trend”. Loved their reactions and openness to a new piece of music!

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