Let Us Walk…

Guest Poem by Benjamin Van Haeff

Let us walk

Let us walk into the uncharted pathways of this New Year

Let us fall in love again with the living body of our lives

Making love to the simple joys we hold in our care.

Let us rise to meet the challenges with gentle fiery compassion

Letting our fears for the world

Light the pathway home when the darkness comes

And it will come.

Let it draw us into the deep soils of our shared humanity

That we become rooted in a field of loving presence

And untouchable grace

Weaving a network of support for our family and friends.

Let us stop

Let us stop often to light a fire of gratitude and

Listen to the ancient prayer

That breathe in the wild forest of our hearts.

Let us paint the earth with our songs, stories and art

Let us dance wildly as the ancient heart

Calls us into her circle of belonging.

Let us offer a helping hand to those who fall along the way and

Let’s stop to give voice to those who may not have one

Let us come together.

Let us come together

And open the door

To the path that calls us

And reaches in like a breath of fresh air.

Let us rise

Let us begin

Let us walk…..

By Benjamin Van Haeff, Copyright 1/1/21

Take a walk in the world of Earth Artist Jennifer Rugge

**Standing Ovation for being accepted into HerStory at Manhattan Arts International 
https://manhattanarts.com/herstory-exhibition-2020-2021-page-2/ (Scroll down to the 9th artist, Jennifer Rugge)

Humble Flute Player with Joy and Grace, gold-leaf, mineral paints mixed with walnut oil and beeswax on wood, 24″ x 24″

4 Comments on “Let Us Walk…

  1. Deeply touched by your beautiful artistry and earth connection dear Jennifer. Thank You. Bear and Deer are close to my heart too. Congratulations on your exhibition entry.

  2. Oh, how I love your video, words and music dear Jennifer and’ taking a ‘walk in the woods’ with you….so hauntingly beautiful. I absolutely Love your Humble Flute Player painting too…there is such a deep sense of comfort (and beauty) when viewing it…it surely must be a collective ancestral memory for us all.

    These words on your Elder Spotlight also spoke to me :
    “The energy of art emerges from a deep yearning with-in to express awareness of the beauty already inherent in our surroundings. Nature in life inspires and ignites my passion to share the value and worth of art through a variety of mediums.”

    Thank You, Ankya

  3. Gaye thank you for sharing this beautiful poem! Truely words of Love! Congratulations to Jennifer! Your art is amazing as is all the art on display! Thank you for starting our New Year off in poetry and art, works of Love! It has touched my heart deeply

  4. BJ – So appreciative of your loving comments! We are blessed to have you in the Wildly Free Elder community. With Love, Gaye

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