Dare Darlin’ Dare

Image: Julie Ann Wylie along Cape Flattery Trail, Makah Indian Reservation, Washington; photographer Wayne Wylie


Throughout years of seeking I’ve quite naturally embodied the interpretive & educational qualities of the Hierophant. Translating useful principles, methods and wisdom of others has been a necessary step for my own application and self-study. Passing along both process and outcome to querents along the way fulfills an inner drive to inspire self-healing.

I didn’t see this coming, in fact I wasn’t even sure I had it in me. Never before, best as I recall, have my own words, my unique thoughts, my inherent wisdom poured forth so bountifully.

It started innocently enough with a ‘YES’ to participate in a training for Poetry as a Tool for Wellness. The six hour course brilliantly fosters empathetic facilitators by introducing their curriculum experientially.

On the last day of training, two poems were introduced. I listened closely as they were read and as peers shared what these writings had evoked in them. Next, our trainer gave us 8-10 minutes to write about our impressions and I was ready to go! Thoughts were forming into words and words into sentences as she continued her instructions. Sensationally present within my body, I could hardly wait to get pen to paper as the head waters of this prose poured out …

Dare to share, to create, to open …
Dare I? Dare you NOT?
It’s daring darling that has landed you HERE, NOW.
Daring to start.
Daring to stop.
Daring to show up.
Daring to walk away.
Daring to say YES, oh, and NO.
Daring to care
It’s daring darling that has split the seams in the nightmares of your dreams.
It’s daring darling that keeps you returning to your pillow, almost giddy with wonder about what might be revealed this sleep.
It’s daring darling that drives you to the doors of vulnerability and daring darling that blows those doors open as you exhale or simply lifts your hand to the knob.
Dare darlin’ dare.

DARE DARLIN’ DARE by Julie Ann Wylie (Copyright 11/2020)

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Our Wildly Free Elder global community welcomes Julie Ann Wylie into our fold. You will soon see her on our Elder Spotlight page. As an engaged and fully embodied participant within our community., she recently read this poem to a small Wildly Free Elder group who are exploring “What Does Your Life Stand For?” with Andy Kidd.

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