Wild Permission

To live is an art.  Full of possibilities and opportunities that often get buried or pushed aside in the daily patterns, challenges and business of life. 

Yet, if we tap into our imagination we find that it is a gateway to a force field where doors open.  Actually we are continuously invited to step over the threshold. Will we?

Were we taught to prepare for life (or death) instead of living it?

One of the many gifts of being an elder is that we always have the choice before us, no matter what challenges are presenting, to live our lives according to guidance from our unique heart and soul perspective……and awareness. That is if we give ourselves permission to do so!

The image that graces this post is originally from a picture I snapped of luscious fresh fruit picked from the trees on the property and gifted to me from the family that owns the 20 acres I live upon. My intention was to create an image with texture, color, form and beauty. Though I was happy with the original image, a beloved very creative and artistic friend turned it into an oil painting through a simple application and sent the image back to me.

The doorway opened up and I was invited over the threshold into a world of color and richness through the wild permission of my friend’s imagination. This image represents to me a doorway into possibility and opportunity within any given life moment. In an instant a good picture became an art piece.

In an instant our lives can become an art piece expressing the wisdom, awareness and unique artistry that is only ours to bring. As wildly free elders we are given this opportunity to live and create from the essence of life, versus the contrived standards and domesticated expectations of others.

Will we accept the dare and give ourselves wild permission to take the leap?

Sculpture created by Jennifer Rugge. Appreciation to Susan Feinstein who transformed my humble image into an art piece!

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