We Belong To the Earth

Part of the driving purpose of this website, and resultant elder community, is to provide potential opportunities and possibilities to expand awareness of what is possible during this very rich time of our lives, and to cultivate diversity.

It is also to direct attention to solutions and resolutions that we as elders, with our experience, skills and wisdom, can become an integral part of, liberating our unique creativity and imagination no matter where we live in the world.

The video below addresses regenerative living through a Global Eco-Village Network perspective – sustainable communities worldwide. GEN focuses on the needs of future generations for a safe and healthy planet to inhabit.

Even though you may not want to actually live and participate in an eco-village, as the ones showcased on this video, this can open up a different perspective for joining with others in placing attention on resolutions and solutions to our vast challenges and difficulties that are currently on going on this planet and for all living beings and our natural world.

Where you place your attention is vital at this time!

What could you do personally and collectively to live a more sustainable, creative and regenerative life?

Communities of Hope is a film born from a quest to discover a regenerative culture. It is an invitation to discover a new way of life. A way of life measured by the rhythms of nature, the depth of human connection, the vast horizon of human potential. It’s the way of life in ecovillages.

Filmed largely at the European Ecovillage Network’s annual European Ecovillage Gathering, and drawing on two years of travel and exploration in communities in Europe, the film takes us on a journey around the mandala of regeneration: how ecovillages relate to the social, economic, ecological and cultural dimensions of sustainability.”

It offers pathways towards a new way of seeing the world, and a new way of living together.

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