Wild Writing With Laurie Wagner

I’m Laurie Wagner and I’m a writer and a writing teacher in the Bay Area. For the last 20 years I’ve been teaching a super creative writing practice called Wild Writing, which I teach live and online to a large community of people all over the world. I’ve also gotten to take this work on the road to Bali, Nepal and Mexico. I love to travel.

What I care about most is helping writers and non writers bypass the critical voice and the self consciousness that keeps them from writing honest and often vulnerable stories. I try to help writers forget they’re writing, so they can just show up as they are, as human beings who are trying to connect with themselves by writing, and also connect with others through telling true stories.

I used to teach people how to get a byline and publish their work, now I teach them how to find their Home Voice – the instinctual sound of who they really are, on the page and off. It makes for better writing and better living.

Freedom and authenticity is what I’m after. 

My work can be found here, at www.27powers.org

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