The Strange Experience of Growing Old With Rachel McAlpine

Once a child, always a writer….

Why do people hate and fear old age? Why is it so hard to see ourselves as belonging to the kingdom of old? Why does my own ageing seem overall a positive thing? What should I do with these age-related changes? What do other people think and feel and do? What am I for? How can I help?

Those questions puzzle me as I meander past my 80th year, and I explore them through poems, books, podcast and blog. Phenomenal luck has figured in my making, but that won’t stop me dying one day.

One thing I know: I’m a writer, have been ever since I was a young girl. Through writing I try to make sense of life, especially (now) the strange experience of growing old. I also love drawing and taking photographs, preferably odd ones.

Talk to me! You know I like it!

Author of:

How To Be Old” – Sage, sunny, funny poems about old age by an 80-year-old poet who is learning how to be old.

Fixing Mrs. Philpott” – A light novel bonded to 24 short stories about “relationships”

On Website: Almost Old” – Casual DIY for aging well.

You can find Rachel’s writing, books, blog posts, art and podcasts here:

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