Peaceful Positive Parenting With Jane Sheppard

Jane Sheppard is a Certified Parenting Coach and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. She is also a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach. Jane helps to empower busy moms with clear solutions for healthy parenting, so they can feel more at peace and confidently connected with their kids. She has done extensive research on environmental toxins and their effects on babies and children.

Jane has been teaching parents about health and well-being for children for over 25 years. She is trained and experienced in mind-body medicine and positive psychology. She is trained in peaceful, positive parenting and she coaches parents in creating healthy, connected relationships with their kids.

As a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and an Epidemic Answers Health Coach, Jane guides parents in understanding and resolving underlying issues related to serious behavior issues, ADHD, anxiety, depression, allergies, autism and other chronic health issues in families. She can help parents get their children on the road to recovery with holistic, functional medicine.

Jane blends her knowledge, expertise, intuition, wisdom, and insight with effective tools to help you move through your worst challenges with your children.

Jane created Healthy Child in 1997 to provide reliable information so parents can make informed choices about safe, non-toxic children’s products. Healthy Child helps parents create safe environments so children can thrive.

Jane is the editor of Healthy Child Newsletter, the author of hundreds of articles and the following e-books:

  • Boost Your Child’s Immunity to Prevent Disease 
  • Healthy Food for Kids
  • Simple Steps to Reduce Your Child’s Biggest Toxic Exposures

Jane was the administrative director of Holistic Pediatric Training (HPT) and the former, founding executive director of the Holistic Pediatric Alliance (HPA). She co-founded a holistic healing center in Scottsdale, AZ in 1992. She is a former board member of the Santa Rosa Education Cooperative (SREC), a vibrant, holistic, multi-age school community with an international inquiry-based learning environment. She was the board representative for the SREC Preschool and Early Childhood Center.

Jane Shares: “At this time in my life my work is to love myself and open to the depth and wholeness of who I am in deeper ways than ever before. With this foundation, I can help others to open to the love and wisdom within themselves. I specifically work with moms to reduce the stress and overwhelm and help them stay centered, calm and happy and have a deeper relationship with their children. This allows a more cooperative, fun and joyful experience with parenting!

I use my advanced parent coach and health coach training, combined with my unique expertise, research, experience, intuition, wisdom and effective tools to help parents move through difficult challenges with their children. I help parents replace ineffective or harmful habits and patterns with a more effective and peaceful approach to parenting.

Whether it’s behavior challenges or chronic health problems, I help parents to discover the underlying physical, neurological, and emotional causes and triggers that are unique to their children’s struggles – and remove them to create healing and wellness.

I’m currently in training to be a Somatic Awakening® practitioner. Somatic Awakening is a powerful mind-body-spirit modality which uses the power of your higher self to alchemically shift your deepest pain to peace, balance, and profound healing.

I live in beautiful Northern CA, with close access to the redwoods, the ocean and beauty all around me.  I am connected with a loving tribe of vibrant elders who dance, chant, sing and play music together. This allows my wild and free spirit to express in a way that is truly satisfying to me. “

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