Life Lessence Legacy with Andy Kidd

Andy Kidd My life’s path has been somewhat uncharted (by me!) – instead I have managed to let the question “What would be most fun next?” guide many of my choices… so I have travelled widely and changed jobs frequently, and made a home by the beach in Australia where my teenage children live with me.

I was privileged to attend great schools and university in Britain, gaining a Masters of Arts in Social Anthropology. I lived in Spain, volunteered in West Africa, sailed the Atlantic twice, became a masseur then a yoga teacher and Zero Balancer in Australia. I am a Wedding Celebrant and a Wisdom Keeper.

“What am I doing with my life?”

As I contemplated the question “How can I use my gifts to be of most service?” some years ago, I envisioned Life Lessence. Now I work with elders to capture their wisdom in books, wherein they record the lessons of their lives. I make hardback Legacy Books for their family and descendants. At present I am editing books for individuals privately and leading workshops for veterans of wars to support each other to do this in a group.

I see my contribution to Wildly Free Elders as one of inviting conversations on questions like:

• What does it mean to live well?
• What lesson has been most important to me?
• What is success?
• Who have I loved and what does love mean?
• What are my thoughts and feelings about dying? • What do I regret?
• What is my greatest legacy?

Wildly Free Elder/Gaye Abbott Interviews Andy Kidd and talks about Life Lessence individualized personal and group legacy books; mentor Jim Ede in Scotland and the lessons he taught a 21-one-year old young man; and what does it mean to live well.

Here are my contact details:

Telephone: +61 (0)432-214051
FB: Insta: @lifelessence

With gratitude and best wishes, Andy Kidd

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