Entering the harvest cycle of life with BJ Garcia

Image “The Incline” in Manitou Colorado outside of Colorado Springs.

B.J. Garcia With over 30 years of experience, as a student and teacher in the spiritual/psychological world, I am now embarking on a new stage in my life.

During this Covid 19 Pandemic of 2020, I turned 69 and somehow was put in a category labeled “senior”.  Yikes! I never related to myself as being a “senior”, and yet, in spite of my denial, here I am.  All of this gave me great pause for contemplation on examining exactly where I am at this stage in my life and what it is that I really want.

A few years ago, my husband, of 44 years, and I moved from our old, well established neighborhood in Austin, TX, into a new, young family neighborhood, in Leander, TX, to be closer to our children and grandchildren.  Suddenly we were the elders in the neighborhood.  As wonderful as it is being close to family, we realized that we were now living a lifestyle that no longer supported our true dreams and desires of where we are in our lives today.

Where was the privacy? Where was the silence? Where were the walks in nature?

I felt as if I was in a Bardo State, this state of existence between life and death.  The world as I knew it was changing rapidly and fading away and the future unknown. 

I am a student and an Ambassador of the Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in your DNA, pioneered by Richard Rudd. There are many different aspects to the Gene Keys and at this particular time in my life the Death/Rebirth/Deactivation Sequence was calling for all of my attention.

The healing journey through this sequence is about bringing compassionate closure to the past, shining a light on your karmic legacy, the dissolution of the ego, and the last stage of falling into the Arms of the Divine.  

While on this journey, I was also discovering, through numerology, that our Life Path/Purpose has 3 cycles:

The Formative Cycle, between birth and 27

The Productivity Cycle , from ages 28-54

The Harvest Cycle, from ages 55 to Death              

In combining these Life Path Cycles with the Death/Rebirth/Deactivation Sequence, I realized that, although I am 69, I was still trying to be my younger self in the Productivity Cycle, working hard to be someone and still looking for love, approval and acceptance from others, while denying the Harvest Cycle and all that it brings.   This realization was an eye opener and game changer for me!

 In allowing, accepting and embracing this stage of my life, the Harvest Cycle is inviting me into more private and calming surroundings, both internally and externally.  It is also offering me the opportunity to share my experience and expertise with others through my writings, study groups, private sessions and community gatherings.

When I turned 60, It felt like my life was just beginning.  At age 62 the Gene Keys came into my life and I felt like all that had come before was preparing me for this time.  And this is my time!

As a Wildly Free Elder, I am here to love and remain open to new innovations that add to and improve existing systems. It is critical that I not allow myself to get bogged down with too much structure or organization. Although structures are a powerful means to propel myself forward, there is a force within me whose natural urge is to expand beyond structures. I am a natural synthesizer and I am always striving to attain higher levels of integration in everything I do. My life’s work is a creative process and could be summarized as the pulling together of all the many strands that I have collected and moved through.

As a contributing author in the Best Selling 365 Soulful Book Series, created by Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck, I received a tremendous gift of learning how to simplify by focusing on only the essential and letting go of the non-essential.  I now carry this lesson and wisdom into all areas of my life.

I have learned that when I question the way I feel or give it a reason, or get stuck in longing for life to be different than it is or to return to the way it once was, it creates seriousness and suffering for myself and others. In allowing, accepting and embracing there is freedom.

The secret for me is trust. Trust is the magical bond that resolves and integrate all the different aspects of my life.

 I love wild wisdom and making people laugh, stirring their hearts and joining them in a good cry. I love sharing the huge variety of my interests and wisdom. I love to remind people that life is rich if they know where to look and to remind people that life is short, and they can seize the day as I am doing.  What better way to be than Wildly Free Love!

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