Being and Becoming Elders with Firehawk

Seal Elders hanging with the rocks in the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary, Pacific Grove, California USA

Born in the British Isles, FireHawk came to the US as a very young man – to study and to find his way in the world. He spent his early professional years immersed in theatre arts and large-scale communication projects, using multi-media, emerging computer graphics tools, and his burgeoning love of photography (which continues unabated to this day)

He says that meeting his teachers, WindEagle and RainbowHawk, 28 years ago helped him to find something that he had been seeking (without consciously knowing it) for his whole life; a real and powerful connection to the wisdom and beauty of Mother Earth.

The designs and practical nature of the Medicine Wheels spoke to him of both very ancient memories as well as a new promise of ending our separations: separations from ourselves, from each other, and from all of the rest of our more-than-human world.

He and his wife Pele have agreed to pass along this ancient lineage to those who are following behind, thereby keeping alive one of the threads of Earth wisdom that help us to live on our home planet as wise stewards and true partners with her. 

They offer ceremonies on Earth and online for being fully human with one another. They also train those who wish to apply ancient wisdom to their modern lives through multi-year, intensive learning journeys.

FireHawk is father for two sons, step-father for three daughters and one other son, and grandfather for ten grandchildren. His blended and extended family is one example of the patience that is required to truly heal old wounds by choosing listening and love at every opportunity.

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Listen to the story of how Firehawk’s name came into being; his personal story (heart attack & wildfires) of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges and transformations within aging and becoming/being an elder; and evolving “eldering” as a verb.

Also enjoy our ending with Gaye once again not able to find the “Stop Recording” button. We were simply having a great time together and didn’t want it to end! (purposefully did not trim this part off) PLAY!

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