“The flower is always the bud’s undoing. Let go then. Step into the river, lean into the wind, let the strength of the earth rise through you. Watch your fingertips burst into bloom. “

Pauithra Mehta


I burst into elderhood without a clue that I was the age my birth certificate proved I was. I still don’t entering the first stage of my 7th embodied decade. In fact I don’t think much about age, but instead about Being and what I have to offer within relationship, in community and out into the world.

There is a simple grace and elegance entering this stage of life with all of the striving, insecurity and child raising left behind. (for the most part!) It doesn’t enter my mind that I should “act my age” for what does that mean?!

If that alludes to the cultural nullification, dismissing and deadening of this powerful elder stage of life then I simply don’t align with it! Each one of us is accountable for the way in which we live within this stage of embodied life. Each one of us must find our own unique path

I have always been a person who goes far away (or a least a step or two away) from the cultural mainstream narrative. I tried mainstream living on many times and it simply never really fit. It deadened the wholeness of “me” that was awaiting to express the unique artistry of this lifetime I have been gifted with – the life that I am continually guided by Spirit/Source to follow.

Even through the shyness of my youth and young adult life, I dipped my toes into out-of-the box explorations and offerings; and within the mainstream medical world for 30 years I always found a way to integrate holistic thought and practice bringing compassion and wholeness into a system that was rigid and lacking.

I treat the moments of this embodied life as a gift to unfold, even the challenging moments. Like a free form dance improvisation where each step is filled with discovery, spontaneity, and potential for increasing awareness. Surrendering to the mystery of each day as a sacred gift.

Writing 3 pages every day; taking painting classes here and there; volunteering in my N. California community with Bear Yuba Land Trust and active membership at Briar Patch Natural Food Co-Op; curiously exploring the natural world daily; gardening with organic herbs, veggies & flowers/plants; staying connected with family, friends and grandkids; ecstatic dance/contact improv as often as possible; regular yoga and Qigong practice; 4+ years of practitioner training and study with Wisdom Healing Qigong; travel whenever possible; joining a 7 week foundational course with Bright Future Now; and continuing to build the Wildly Free Elder community and website are just a few areas where I place my attention these days – staying resilient, vibrantly alive and ever curious!

You can see and learn more about me at http://GayeAbbott.net thus I won’t repeat any of that here. Simply know that I want to play, collaborate, tell story, have adventures, laugh and grieve together, and certainly get to know you better as we live the joys and challenges of aging and embody why we are here.

This is meant to be a global community ripe with resources and to inspire the creative life artistry that we are here to bring during this stage of our life….even if it is only the simple planting of a garden and listening to the earth breathe.

Tell me your story and I will tell you mine!

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