Finding Connection Through The Wild

Image: Nevada City, N. Caliornia, Bare Feet in Snow

“We can’t change the world, but we can change how we live in it.”

Grant Hine – Ecotherapist and Guide

Grant Hine, Ecotherapist and Guide starts this short video off by saying “just to walk on this earth is a miracle”. It indeed is.

While living in Vermont for 3 years, with frequent snow storms during the Winter, my bare feet found their way to the snow that lay outside my door just for the fun of it. To experience my lifelong intimate connection with nature in yet another form.

I will never forget that first experience and how it felt to connect the soles of my feet with the frozen water element in the form of snow. It was different from when I would walk on the earth barefoot in the Spring or Summer feeling the energy of nature move up through my body with the warmth of the day embracing me, and certainly different from walking on the sometimes very hot sand of Southern California beaches.

After the first initial exclamations of feeling the cold I sunk into walking in snow like I was made for it. Delight washed over me and though alone I cried out into the natural world “this Southern California girl goes barefoot anywhere!.”

Walking back into the house after this first bare foot snow adventure I realized the experience wasn’t over with yet. The tingling up through my body as my feet woke up to the sensation of warmth actually woke all of me in celebration. I felt wildly alive!

Celebration of embodied life in the moment with the natural world as companion and guide. It had always been that way my entire life.

The intimate connection, love of nature and all life flowing from it was a grounded anchor for a shy girl who always loved hugging trees, watching pollywogs turn into frogs, hiking trails where no one else had been, sitting by water and writing poetry, collecting shells on the beach, riding the waves into shore with absolute joy and abandon, and dropping into deeper states of peace sitting by a stream or river capturing the sound of its flowing within.

I always knew that I was never alone within the embrace of nature for it nourished and built the inner strength necessary to navigate life as a human woman. It still does and always will.

Take time to watch this short Green Renaissance video with Grant Hine as your guide. Perhaps you may resonate as deeply as I did….

“The concrete jungle and the rat race suck up our time and energy.  Our lives revolve around paying bills and staring at a computer screen.  We feel stressed and anxious, and we don’t know what’s wrong.    
What we are truly lacking is a connection with the wild world and its rhythms.  Grant takes us out into the Cape Floral Kingdom, where we kick off our shoes and walk barefoot on the earth, touch the bark of a tree, watch a spider spin a web, listen to the birds singing in the branches  above.  We reawaken our senses.   
So no matter where you live, get out there and be wild every now and then.  You’ll find connection again.”   

Filmed in the Cape Floral Kingdom, South Africa. 
Featuring Grant Hine – Ecotherapist and Guide (

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  1. I totaly agree with your feelings for nature, and you choosed the perfekt wird’s and thoughts to put it in perspective. 🙏🤗 for your reminder to take more time to watch and listen . Cheers Doris from Germany

    • Thank you Doris for taking the time to comment on this post. I appreciate that we both resonate deeply with the natural world and find solace within it. In Gratitude! Gaye

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