Celebrating This Precious Life

With Wendy Haynes

Talking about Death. Some people love it, others shy away. In this online program, which is freely offered, we get to explore a depth of conversation in a way that feels safe, natural and engaging.

“The program and Wendys presence and guidance have benefited my life, relationships and decisions profoundly! I am 22 years old and I have learned so much about myself and my desires, perceptions and deepened the connection with myself and others…Talking about death during the sessions, I have started feeling more and more alive and intensified my relationships.” Elisa, Student, Germany

This is not a death doula training rather it’s about exploring what you might want to do in order to die, as prepared as one can be and, in doing so, live more fully. We will cover everything from preparing an Advanced Care Directive, ideas for the funeral ceremony, choice of disposal of the corpse, dying with dignity… or indignity, fear of death or being a burden, decluttering, unfinished business, grieving and celebration, and so much more. You will learn practices that support learning, connection, acceptance and belonging. You will also have access to a rich body of resources for further study and contemplation.

“The challenge of considering ones imminent death is confronting however Wendy encourages openness, compassion, empathy and understanding of an individuals thoughts and beliefs. This program has allowed me to consider death openly, for myself, for my family and for others. Wendy’s guidance has allowed me to embrace my passion of assisting others preparing for death. I confidently have the foundations to proceed with End of Life Doula training, thank you Wendy.” Heather Hinton, Celebrant, NSW, Australia.

Come and be inspired! Over six months (seven sessions) you will make some great friends from all walks of life and from all over the world. There are two different session times to choose from.Thursday 4th March 2021 6.30-9pm AEDT. For more information and to register for Thursday’s group click here. Friday 5th March 2021 9am-11.30am AEDT For more information and to register for Friday’s group click here.

(*NOTE: AEDT is Australian time. If you are in the U.S. please convert to the day before in the afternoon depending on your time zone)

“I am grateful for your tender yet expert manoeuvring of souls (us) through this nebulous territory. There is so much about dying and death that is still unmapped, however you are providing us with such a lot of experiences with which to make sense of ourselves, and ultimately that is all the preparation that is truly needed for our inevitable meeting with The Mysteries. THANK YOU, for your time, your love, your patience and for your skilful awareness that is leading us through.” Mimi Zenzmaier, Holistic Funeral Director/Death Doula/Celebrant, NSW, Australia“

There are not enough words to express how special this programme truly is. It is both gentle and powerful. Wendy is a remarkable person, with a soul that seeks to connect – and who succeeds in creating a safe space for others to delve inside themselves, to explore and enrich what living and dying means to them – and to learn what more they can do to connect with the earth – in life and death. I have benefited greatly, and appreciate it all.” Moira Hill, End of Life Conversations, End of Life Coach & Educator, England.

“I have loved the variety in the programme. The highlight has, however, been focusing my Life Review around the concepts of forgiveness and gratitude … so powerful on so many levels, both personally and professionally!” Helen Rutledge, Celebrant, New Zealand“

Wendy’s course is so full and rich. There’s so much to learn about the practicals of the life journey, and to uncover the deep learnings that come from within. All in all – a very special uncovering of how it just might feel if you are given an ‘end date’. I’m so grateful to be part of this group.” Julie Weston, Celebrant, Australia

Funeral Ceremonies, Celebrant, Mentoring, and Death and Dying programs; Mindfulness Practices and Empathy Circles

www.wendyhaynes.com or wendy@wendyhaynes.com+ 61 (0) 422 507 517

WENDY HAYNES is a member of the Wildly Free Elder community. You can find her HERE on our site.

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  1. I can’t recommend this course highly enough….it is truly life-changing. Wendy is an amazing facilitor and I felt held and heard deeply in this profound death and dying field of exploration throughout our 6 months together. It has brought me so much new awareness, peace, acceptance and a renewed sense of living…..for in the end all that has ever mattered is Love. Thank You Wendy.

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