E-Book “Finding Home” PREVIEW


“So, you have decided that you will find a new home. Perhaps there have been some mental nudges, need to vacate your present home, changes in your present location that don’t align with thriving, or an intuitive sense that it is time to move on down the yellow brick road to a new location.

Over three decades I have personally navigated the terrain of 7 major relocations.  Each one arose from intuitive guidance emerging from the stage, challenges and circumstances of life I was in at the time.  Also from a place of conscious choice and open space of surrender as much as possible.

Full disclosure here. Your situation will be different from mine in many ways.  I am in my 70’s now and each relocation, with the exception of the first one (with my 9-year old son), was taken by myself.  Though I did have others to consider in my decision making process, they were not relocating with me.

There definitely was uncertainty, fear, doubt, overwhelm and confusion at times, yet each relocation became more fine-tuned as I gained confidence and awareness.

The challenges in each location were unique to where I was in my life at that time, the location I was moving to, and the underlying reasons for changing home base.”

This small book is provided as a guide and support for your own unique journey with finding physical home as well as grounding “home” inside.  It is NOT for those who wish to know how to “DO” the details of a relocation move, but instead how to tap into synchronicity, perceive challenges as possibilities and opportunities, shed identities that no longer serve, increase curiosity, and trust in the unfolding of life.


  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Being Called
  • Surrender Dorothy: Trust the Unfolding
  • Fear, Doubt & Resistance: Changing the Conversation
  • One Step At A Time: Taking Effective Action
  • Nitty Gritty Practical Stuff: Don’t Get Lost In It
  • Identity Theft: Who Are You Becoming
  • Magic, Challenges & Transformation: Navigating New Terrain
  • ADDENDUMGuidance/Support Services

25 pages, By Gaye Abbott, Natural Passages Consulting, All Rights Reserved


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