The Vitality of Aging with WOWZA – Elisa Lodge

I’m known as Wowza, creator of the Church of Wow!

“My wounded history of early trauma that moved from woe to wow, became the very catalyst that took me on a healing, transformative journey that spans six decades facilitating personal growth in the human potential movement and expansion of consciousness.

Known as a trailblazer, I was one of the pioneers introducing ‘expressive arts therapy’ at Esalen Institute, (group leader for over 20 years.)  The basis of this work is about living artfully in a fragmented world — making the shift from victimized roles shaped by past trauma, guilt, shame and inhibitory barriers of mind, into uncovering the ‘artist of being,’ a Sacred Actor embodying what is newly emerging — a ‘universality of identity,’ from which we all arise. 

At 84, a champion of life force,  I’m just beginning to cook! 

I embody the secrets of Ageless Vitality, and am excited about demonstrating an ‘embodiment Process’ that unleashes the vital energy, fluid flexibility, emotional authenticity and inspiring motivation to live a radiantly fit lifestyle. 

For the last 15 years I have facilitated expressive arts training in Mainland China, and now am teaching these trainings on zoom.

Elisa’s message regarding Ageless Vitality

It’s never too late to come vibrantly alive with a youthfulness of spirit. Letting go of attachment to any age is becoming a ‘Perennial,’ blooming more vital, joyous and indeed wiser with each passing year. “


Wowza is a legend with a tremendous legacy.  Her long and multifaceted career started at sixteen when she won the title of Miss Dixie Queen of the South. This led to becoming the Florida Citrus Queen and an international spokeswoman and featured guest on TV shows across the country – including the Today Show, Good Morning America and the Steve Allen Show. Wowza became Miss Florida of 1957 and a runner up in the Miss America Pageant.

A professional actor, Wowza appeared in numerous film, prime time TV, and stage productions and trained with Lee Strasberg at the Actors Studio. Her passion for coaching actors was first expressed in the 70s as an Acting Teacher at Antioch College in LA. She continued coaching in the 80s with On Camera, using video feedback to prepare guests for The Johnny Carson show.

In the 90s, she was creator and director of her own performing arts company, Theatre of the Earth. Today, her expertise is unparalleled in coaching actors, dancers, singers and motivational speakers on how to move through inhibitory barriers into expressing the authenticity of their essential nature. 

Wowza has spent five decades as a group leader in the human potential movement. A short list of her presentations includes teaching Expressive Arts Therapy at the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich, London and Switzerland. Embody the Brilliance-The Physiology of Leadership was taught at the Social Research Corporation in Japan and Skyros Institute in Greece.

As a group leader at the world famous Esalen Institute, Wowza, has taught a variety of programs; Natural Genius, Sound Healing, Shamanic Mask Experience, Emotional Fitness, and Ageless Vitality. While teaching at at Esalen, Wowza studied with bodywork pioneers Ida Rolf, Mohse Feldenkrais, Judith Aston and Milton Tragar.

Fit to Lead and Computer Fitness was offered at Sun MicroSystems and Oracle Corporation, Her unique Emotional Fitness program demonstrates how to lead the body: breath, voice, movement and emotional energy on the same path as the mind.

A corporate consultant, Wowza has been a regular at Lawrence Livermore teaching atomic scientists, A Physiology of Leadership. She is the author of three books: The Humming Book, Primal Energetics and Wowzacise – Growing Young on the Ball. Coming soon is a new book – Sacred Actor!

WOWZA – Elisa Lodge
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