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David Kell  A chemistry graduate who chose a career in production management within the Drinks Industry.  His career evolved into a specialism of creating and implementing strategic change strategies through innovative team and individual development programs.

Born in England, he moved to Scotland in the mid 1970’s. In 1990 he spent two years based in Louisville Kentucky as President of Schenley Distillers. He returned to the UK as Technical Director and then Packaging Director of United Distillers. 

In 1996, he established his own consultancy company and around the same time encountered the Ehama Institute   David says, “The training with RainbowHawk and WindEagle has been fundamental in the way that I live my life, knowing who I am as a sacred human being and how I am in relationship with myself, my wife Ann Roberts, the family and others.  I knew that I had found something extraordinary and I continue to be fascinated by a mix of indigenous wisdom/culture and modern science.”

This consciousness training is the foundation of my interest in healthy longevity, an exploration that was ignited by an adverse reaction to the Swine Flu Vaccination back in 2009.   David continues “I love being a grandfather and I want to be around as long as possible to enjoy my four daughters and four grandchildren.   I am committed to supporting them with love and without judgement” 

I have found remarkable, wise and able professionals who have either guided my journey or are a source of trusted information. In addition to RainbowHawk & WindEagle:

Dr GP McRostie (

Dr Nicola Glennie (

Thomas Hubel (

Dr Zach Bush (

Dr Arjan Khalsa (

Dr Helena Esteves (

Robert Kennedy Jnr (

Dr Natasha Campbell McBride (

David can be reached at:

Image Above is Balquidder, Scotland – the site of David’s first experience with the Wisdom Teachings.

Interview With David Kell, 7/3/20

7/3/20 Interview with David Kell for Wildly Free Elder with Gaye Abbott
David Kell, Ph.D. speaks to “control” and letting go of patterns that no longer serve us , indigenous wisdom teachings, and vital resilient health and wellness as we age.

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