Rise Up Again

Photo by Ankya Klay

“This work is not for yourself. Kill that spirit of self. If you can rise bring somebody with you.”

Mam’u Charlotte Maxeke

While exploring the landscape of humans next right livelihood, potential and daily conscious actions these questions emerge. Will it benefit all living beings and the earth? is it living and anchored within, and aligned with our values? Will it create more spaciousness for artistry, well being and collaboration with, and on behalf of, others?

As the season changes, leaves fall from the trees, the light wanes and Winter draws near nature teaches us about resilience in the face of a death that is in the natural order of life unfolding.

It has been another challenging year and not one of us has gone untouched.

In my lifetime I have found there are always gifts within the greatest challenges. Indeed, perhaps the spread of a virus to humans across the planet and global climate change has taught us more than anything else that we are all very closely interconnected.

The natural world has been showing humans this since the beginning….and now from our far removed sense of belonging to the whole of everything we are coming back home.

Recognizing that there is a much larger energy moving that will always continue to shift the story asking us to let go of predictions and absolutes while becoming an active innovative participant in the artistry of partnering and deep listening with the Earth.

Nature indeed constantly challenges us to learn to adapt to ever present change, collaborate with other life forms on behalf of well being, and increase our resilience in the process.

If we can live within paradox such as “the only constant is change” or “the only certainty is uncertainty”, then the potential is to live from our unique wholeness as an interconnected living being. One who brings others along as we rise up again and again, creating room to collaborate.

Together, we are so much more resilient than we know.

Thank You to Green Renaissance for this video. Filmed in South Africa

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Post by Gaye Abbott, 11/18/21/21, Natural Passages Consulting.

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