You Only Die Once, But You Live Every Day

Photo by Gaye Abbott, July 2021/Sunrise Blue Ridge Mountains NC

Elemental Musings” offers daily postings, for an undetermined amount of time, by a nature lover and elder in transition in the Blue Ridge Mountain area of North Western N. Carolina.

We are composed of all elements that make up this amazing Universe. How can we ever think we are separate.

The early morning this photo was taken I was mesmerized by the ever changing colors in the sky, the shifting cloud formations, and the miracle that I was present in these very moments to be part of it. A dance of life!

Have you ever thought about quality of life moments versus years lived?

For some it is when death touches us that we allow ourselves to contemplate, and come closer to, the relationship with our own potential death and that of our loved ones. The unique choices we will make when embodied time is drawing to a close.

“Death is giving us a gift by teaching us to love in the moment.”

In these precious moments you are reading this post, and perhaps watching the beautiful video of this nurse who is at last exploring the territory of her feelings about fully living every day and embracing the wholeness of life and who she is.

A grand unique life dance that only we know the steps to.

Video by Green Renaissance,

Post by Gaye Abbott, 7/26/21, Natural Passages Consulting.

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