An Authentic Unsettled Life

Photo by Gaye Abbott, Weaverville, N. Carolina

The beautiful woman in the video below expresses a choice to live an unsettled yet very authentic life.

Exploring, questioning and never settling for status quo. Unstructured in a way that feels like a dance where the next steps won’t reveal themselves until your foot touches the earth. .

As a wildly free elder we learn to create a “living line” NOT a “dead line”. Or perhaps more appropriately a living spiral or Flower of Life as in sacred geometry, symbolizing creation and a reminder of the unity of everything.

We are constantly given opportunities to be lead by curiosity, take risks, and steward the emergence of our own unique expression, artistry and imagination.

The day I captured the perfect shadow mountain range (which only lasted for a few minutes) in the image of the Blue Ridge Mountains above it opened a doorway to my own unexpressed artistry that is quite often kept hidden in the shadows.

What if we brought that uniqueness, often not seen or expressed, out into the Light?

Video by Green Renaissance

Post by Gaye Abbott, July 2021, Wildly Free Elder

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