Love As Allurement – the Cosmic Creation Story

Guest Blog Post by Ann Roberts

This morning, a cup of tea in hand, I contemplated what to do with the day when my eyes glanced over to my bookshelf. 

Books are a joy to me!

I take such pleasure in the commitment of the author to share their insights. It feels like a personal connection. I love how they have reached out to make a difference in my life by sharing what is important to them. I celebrate the diligence they have shown to bring the book into form. 

I also appreciate the people that helped them. I always savour the Acknowledgments Page of any book I am reading. This is where the author says ‘thank you’ to the people that supported them. It is a window into the author’s life and the co-creative process they engaged in. 


Today my eyes rested on a book called The Universe is a Green Dragon by Brian Swimme. I am inspired by how he weaves his knowledge of the Universe’s nature with his understanding of spirituality. He presents complex ideas in a simple way, and the joy he brings to what he is sharing is so infectious.

The Cosmic Creation Story

The book is a conversation between a youth and a wise elder about the Cosmic Creation Story. It is wonderfully illustrative of how the Universe came into being. 

It is also a beautiful example of how conversation across the generations takes place. In the book, the youth asks lots of questions, and the elder responds in an evocative way that invites even more questions. The interplay between them is such fun to follow. It feels like there is a twinkle in the elder’s eye.


I took the book down from the shelf and sat with it closed on my lap for a couple of minutes. Looking out to the hills here in Scotland, I said to myself, 

“Ok, what is the message for me today?”. 

I often do this when I feel challenged or when I am looking for inspiration. I find the message offers me new ways of looking into what is happening in my life. So, I let the book fall open and my eye flow over the revealed page, and, to my delight, it was all about the universal concept of LOVE. 

Love as Allurement 

The elder says, “At the heart of this Creation Story is Love. It is not human love but a primordial quality that enables the Universe to be the creative force that it is.’ 

The youth asks, “What is love?”. 

The wise elder smiles and replies, “Love begins as allurement – as attraction.” 

This description of love as allurement is a beautiful sentiment, and I found myself thinking really big and then really small as I thought about;

Oh my, I am waxing lyrical today! 

My questions for today

As I write this, my optimism rising. So, as I sit here on a misty Scottish morning, I reflect on how I can tap into this allurement. Not only with my immediate family but with everyone and everything I encounter. What will be the quality of my connection? I imagine it will be fun. 


I like to finish off each newsletter with questions for you, and I wonder if there will be an allurement in my words that leads to a deeper connection. I hope so. Here I go.

Reprinted from The Sunny Optimist: Ideas, information and inspiration to brighten your day. By Ann Roberts

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